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District Day Camp 2018 Achievements

Thanks to all of the parents who allowed their cub scouts be a part of this year’s “Passport to Adventure!” If you haven’t filled out the 10 question Camp Evaluation Survey, please click HERE to do so. Between the ice cream truck, the video game truck, playing Cricket in South Africa, soccer in Brazil, cycling in the Tour de France, archery, NERF fun, inflatables, basketball clinic, cooking empanadas in Central & South America, spring rolls in Asia, plantains & guava juice in tropical Africa & french toast in Europe, repainting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, making Ojos de Dios in Mexico and tribal masks in Ghana, the paper airplane competition and much, much more, it’s amazing the scouts actually earned scouting adventures. But they did! Scouts in attendance completed:

2018 Soapstone Ridge Day Camp AchievementsClick on the document to download a copy.


5 days of “Under the Sea” begins June 10, 2019.

Download the flyer to give to your pack today!!!

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