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Webelos Woods 2018

Registration for Webelos Woods opens soon!

Webelos Woods is a great weekend of fun and excitement for Webelos and AOL Scouts (4th and 5th grades), along with their Den Leaders or Adult partners. This weekend long event is based on the “Boy Scout Camporee”. Webelos Scouts will be able to compete against other Webelos in various skills and games. Webelos and AOL Scouts will be able to complete some of their achievements and electives toward their rank. It’s Friday, September 14th thru Sunday, September 16th. Camp overnight or come for the day!!!

Adventures Webelos 1 will complete:

  • Webelos Walkabout
  • Cast Iron Chef
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher
  • Shooting Sports
    • BB Guns
    • Archery

Adventures Webelos 2 will complete or partially complete:

  • Into the Woods (Conservation Project)
  • Outdoorsman
  • Castaway
  • Shooting Sports
    • BB Guns
    • Archery


  • $5.00 per Adult
  • $15.00 per Webelos Scout which includes all classes, activities, and lunch (Webelos 1 Scouts only) on Saturday



Scouts are required to bring blank copies of the Worksheets for each class they register for. They will need to bring a notebook with all of the worksheets of the classes they registered for. The notebook should have the Scouts name on the front and 2 sharpened pencils inside.

Parents and/or leaders can find the worksheets at the websites below for either Webelos (4th grade) or Arrow of Light/AOL Scouts (5th grade) below. When you go to the website, select the class name and go to the bottom of the page and select to open and print the Word version or PDF version.

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