Soapstone Ridge District

Serving Southern DeKalb County Scouts of the Atlanta Area Council

What is WOOD BADGE????

NO UMBRELLA-TOPPED drinks served poolside. No quality time with your tablet or smartphone. No room service, no hot-stone massages.

Is Wood Badge a stress-free vacation? No. But for a vacation that tests your limits, gives meaning to your time spent in Scouting and makes your job as a leader easier, just say yes to Scouting’s pre-eminent training course for adults.

The Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing. And the price? Less than a single night costs at that fancy resort with the pool. And it just might be the most fun you’ll ever have as a Scout leader.

Click HERE to sign up!!! You’ll thank us later!

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